Blessed (the book)

BLESSED the True Story of a Girl & Her Demon      (Soon to be released)

In the summer of 1976, my mother and I were living in a small town in southern Colorado, dependent on child support checks which rarely came and trying to forge a new, uncertain life. Dean rolled into town that same summer, impressing us with his two-toned cowboy boots and his teeth and his blue El Camino which ran like a champ. He amazed my mother with his knowledge of car engines, political conspiracies and most especially his knowledge of the Good Book (he would later become a missionary for televangelist Jimmy Swaggart).  

My mother was mesmerized and quickly married him. But when we move to his home in the Colorado Rockies, we soon learn Dean has a secret past. His children speak of demons and warn us about the family curse, and after a series of accidents and misfortunes, my mother becomes a believer. What neither of us know is that there is no curse, but believing in it will lead to violence and betrayal, and getting out of it may cost us our lives.    

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